5 Cents 1954

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General Description The beaver has a long history in Canada as both commodity and cultural icon. The coin has now 12 sides
Obv. Description Elizabeth II at 27 years old, surrounded by the Latin inscription ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA, meaning: Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, the Queen. Note the effigy of the queen is now facing right and not left as always in the past
Rev. Description 5 CENTS between 2 maple leaves, Beaver, CANADA and 1954
Catalog code KM# 50
Mintage 6,998,662
Diameter 21.21 mm
Thickness 1.70 mm
Weight 4.5900 g
Material Chrome-Steel
Orientation Medal
Mint Canada - Royal Canadian Mint
Edge Type plain
Designer Re: G.E. Kruger-Gray Ob: Mary Gillick
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F $0.25   VF $0.50   XF $1.00   UNC $4.00  

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