15 C Queen Juliana 1967

15 C Queen Juliana 1967
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description : Red
Juliana (Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina; 30 April 1909 – 20 March 2004) was the Queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands between 1948 and 1980. She was the only child of Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Henry. She was married to Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, with whom she had four children: Princess Beatrix (born 1938), Princess Irene (born 1939), Princess Margriet (born 1943), Princess Christina (born 1947). During the Second World War she lived in exile with her children in Ottawa, Canada. She became Queen of the Netherlands with her mother's abdication in 1948 and was succeeded by Queen Beatrix after her own abdication in 1980.
Face value 0.15 Cents
Catalog code (Michel) NL 621y
Catalog code (Scott) 346 (Phosphorescent paper)
Catalog code AFA Holland 622F
Series Queen Juliana-Type Profile left
Paper type Phosphorescent paper
Perforation Comb 12 1/2: 12 3/4
Height 25.00 mm
Width 21.00 mm
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