1G 2001 - Queen Beatrix

1G 2001 - Queen Beatrix
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description : Self adhesive.
One specific work which has been distributed hundreds of millions times around the globe is basically not an abstract work but is a representation of a face - but within its basic elements it still contains some abstract qualities. Struycken's special qualities combining minimal abstract forms is shown in his small yet impressive postage stamp representing the Dutch Queen, Beatrix. This postage stamp first appeared in 1981 and has been used as the standard postage stamp in the Netherlands ever since.
Face value 1 Gulden
Catalog code (Michel) NL1914
Series Queen Beatrix- Type Inversie
Issue date 03/09/2001
Designer Peter Struycken
Height 26.00 mm
Width 20.00 mm
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